Normal Hours
Tuesday - Sunday 11 am - 3 pm.
Closed Mondays
515 Lackawanna Ave. Scranton, PA
PH: (570) 961-9004
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Where to Park

At this time we don't have any street parking in front of our restaurant.

However there are several other options.

The Parking Garages | Metered Parking

  The Casey Garage

Only 25 feet away & the elevator is right next to Scranton Hobby.

Or The Medallion Garage

Only 150' away, around the corner next to the Hilton Hotel on Adams Avenue, with the same hourly rate!

For more info contact Scranton Parking



Metered Parking.

You can drive around the block numerous times. Waste high priced gas. Find a open spot with one of Scranton's fine parking meters. Risk getting a $20 parking ticket because you didn't have an extra nickel. All while jumping over mounds of snow in the winter and dodging unyielding drivers looking for the same thing you are, all year round.